Saturday, 11 February 2012

I Always Forget.

I woke up at 4:30am the other day with some brilliant ideas on how to use Minecraft to teach Maths. I didn't bother getting up and writing the ideas down because I was sure I would be able to remember them. Turns out I was wrong, I cannot remember what my brilliant ideas were. So now I need to wait until they come to me again and when they do I will definitely write them down, and I need to get a notepad for beside my bed.

On another note I have joined a Minecraft in School community to help share some of the ideas I have on using Minecraft in the classroom to teach students. Here is a link to it.

The Minecraft Teacher gave me access to the latest version of the tutorial map to use with my students, I found a couple of exploits that I will be fixing and sending back to him. As I mentioned in the last post I think it is a great way to introduce the students to the wonderful world of Minecraft.

On yet another note Minecraft Teacher tweeted about a very interesting project, I think I am going to have to donate to do my bit to get this started and get access to the beta version. I have always wanted to be able to program games, specifically for educating students, and this project would probably give me the knowledge I need to do that. So I might be expanding my game based learning ideas even further.


I donated to the above project, downloading the Beta now. I will be having a play around over the next few days. Yet more school work that wont get done.

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