Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Double Collaboration.

Well after a busy couple of weeks things have finally started to calm down and I am back into teaching and back at school. This means that I have had time to get my server sorted out and I now have 2 collaborative projects happening.

One is on cell division, where Matt and I are starting with a 'Mitosis Museum' and then having some interactive areas for students to show their learning. Working with other teachers on a shared vision is an interesting experience and something that I hope to do a lot more of as I think it is an easier way of creating 'great' maps. Not just because the workload is shared, but because we all have different ideas. Sharing these ideas and molding them into a map is something that makes us justify our reasons for what we are doing, and gets us talking about the educational value of the map as a whole.

Is it going to be a passive learning experience for the students or are we going to make it interactive?

How is this interactive part helping us as teachers gather information about what the student has learnt?

Most importantly are the students going to learn what we want them to learn?

Are just some of the questions I am starting to ask myself and share my thoughts on with Matt.

The other project is a human body 'edventure' map that was begun by Miggtorr on YouTube. I am really looking forward to working with Miggtorr as he is a WorldEdit genius (in my eyes anyway). We spent a couple of hours messing around with WE last night and he taught me things that I never knew you could do, and then we both started playing with things that neither of us had used before. We ended up messing around with the //deform command and learnt how that works and how you can make hollow vertical cylinders into horizontal 'tubes'. Taking it even further you can model equations using that command too.

I have also finally managed to nail down the Year 7 Humanities teacher to meet with me to discuss the possibilities of using MinecraftEdu in her classes, so hopefully she will be another person I can collaborate on maps with.

Well that is a pretty ordinary post, mostly just updating you on what has happened since my training experience in Darwin. If you have MinecraftEdu and are interested in collaborating on either of the projects discussed in this post please leave a comment and I will see if we can organise something.

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