Thursday, 10 January 2013

Augmented Reality.

I managed to get myself an iPod touch 5th gen for my birthday so now I can explore the world of Minecraft Augmented Reality with the Minecraft Reality app on the iTunes store. This app allows you to put pre-built Minecraft structures in specific locations in the real world, where others with the same app can see it. I am hoping to place virtual models around my room and let students explore them with their own iDevice or perhaps even mine. So expect some updates on that in the near future, near being well and truly over a month.

Along the same line last night I managed to get myself an invite to the Niantic Project Beta, which is a Google/Android based virtual game that plays out in the real world with augmented reality. I am very interested in seeing how it plays and trying to figure a way to bring something similar perhaps into my school/classroom. If any of you out there are playing I am one of the Enlightened and am so far a little bit at a loss for what I need to do and how to get to where I need to be.

A quick post today, thanks for reading.


  1. Is there an Android version of the Minecraft App you mention?
    About Ingress, I got my account 13 days ago or so, and I'm lv 4 now (where the bottleneck starts, reaching lv 3 is fast, 4 is a little slow, 5... uff...) and the most useful place I found to check what to do and how is
    If you want my advice, I suggest you to keep as many portal Keys as you can, and hack enemy portals every time you are able to (you get XP for it). Creating fields and connecting portals is much rarer, unless the map is wiped from one faction to another regularly.
    And I can't wait to see all this AR stuff playing with the Project Glass stuff :)

  2. Hi Ian, No I don't think there is an android version of the app, I had a look on my phone before buying my iPod and it wasn't there then, hence the iPod purchase :D

    Thanks for the tips with Ingress, I managed to hit level 2 the other day, but I only have 5 portals around me, and they are mostly uncontested so I have been creating fields and waiting for them to decay, repeat trying to get AP. One day when I trip down to Melbourne I will be able to hack a heap more of the enemy.