Wednesday, 24 April 2013

MinecraftEdu and Mathlandia Updates.

Well, again, I have let my blog posts fall away, I have been ultra busy testing the new development builds of MinecraftEdu, and now finally the latest stable version has been released. MinecraftEdu is now 1.5.1 compatible with almost no bugs.

Mathlandia is also coming along (at this stage I am sticking to the older version that I am sure works as MystCraft got a major rewrite in the 1.5.1 version and I am not completely up to date with how to use it yet). I have set up the buildings for the next quest, and am planning on running the next in-class activity on Wednesday and Thursday next week with both year 8 classes.

It turns out I have 3 quests to build, and not only am I adding in real learning about the topic(s) we are covering but also real life applications of these concepts, which is a new thing for me so I am interested to see how it goes. The basic concepts these 3 quests are covering are 1) perimeter and area, 2) volume and 3) perspective drawings. However I am thinking of leaving out the perspective drawings and adding in surface area instead, or incorporating it in to the volume quest.

This time I am also going to try to automate the 'end quest' item as much as possible, and I am also thinking that there might be a way to 'pay' the students based on how accurate they are in their calculations, but there is a bit of experimenting to be done before I can get that happening.

This was a short update, but thanks for reading, and look for more updates next week once I have completed building the next quest and when I have run these activities with classes.

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