Monday, 5 August 2013


Well after being away for the last half of last week on a school camp. Which I found out that I needed to go on Tuesday, as the staff member who was going got sick, and we left on Wednesday, I returned to school this morning to a 90 minute session with my Pre-CAL class. It was mayhem, students are still having trouble remembering passwords. They have not filled in their budget enough for that to be a fluent thing, so instead of spending 10 or so minutes on their budgets, for some it took nearly an hour.

That being said once the budget was out of the way, the students were back into the Numeracy world collecting their pay, and then spending it. More importantly they were putting purchase details into their budget for the week. Some students spent the lesson fishing, one student managed to score himself 18 fish, so now I really need to spend the time getting the sales floor sorted and ready to go.

Other students continued working on their houses, with a deadline for costing being the end of this week, then next week loan applications. All in all, for being a young project, still with teething issues, I think it is going well, and I think my learning outcomes will be met. I even have one student who has already begun her letter of application for a loan, she has costed her house, has chosen to build it herself, and is now in the process of collating the costs for tools, land and materials ready to put into her application.

I also have given one student the job of being a 'helper' and offered other members of the class the same opportunity, however they need to write a job application. The first student does not, as he has shown time and again that he is able to help. One students first response when I asked her why she wanted the job was "I need the cash." This gave me the perfect opportunity to bring back a comment that a guest speaker made only last week to this group of students, that if you ever apply for a job, never say that you want it for the money.

Also since I have been away, I have decided not to spend more time on the Transcription/Translation lesson with my senior Biology students, but I may give my Year 11's a go later in the year when we are preparing for their senior year.

That is a quick update, thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below.

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