Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Another Storyline?

I am still in the deep planning stage of the measurement map I want to do in about a week (how unlike me to leave things until the last minute). It turns out that I may be able to have a few hours in this map to help the students review their learning of the measurement topic, which is awesome, because it means I can perhaps get another storyline happening. Kind of like Gravity Lab merged with Path to Percentage Perfection.

So what is the new plan with this map? To review everything we have learnt throughout this topic. A pretty large aim, but I honestly think it is doable. I have added a few mods to give me access to more paintings in-game, as well as a few other items that will be useful. Which means that this will be the first 'heavily' modded map I have made, as in the first that really relies on mods to be successful.

I have made a custom biome/map using WorldPainter, here is what it looks like so far.

It is really going to be interesting to bring my build to life in this map. Basically the students will be going through an 'on the rails' type path, like Percentage Perfection, and will be journalling their review of the topic as they go. The end result however, will be that the students will get their in-game journal printed out for them, which they will then be able to take into their final test for this topic, hopefully stuck in their summary book.

The storyline is 'brewing' slowly, I have some ideas, vague and incoherent, but ideas none the less, that I think could make an interesting story line, and if these students get involved in the story (unlike my Pre-CAL class, and more like the original Gravity Lab group) I think it will be a pretty engaging task for them.

There are a few other reasons I really want this map to shine, the main one being I have not made a really cool map in a very long time with all the other things going on in my life in recent months. I would also really like to share this map with the community as a complete, standalone map, unlike many of my others which are not complete or not fully standalone.

The other major reason is that we (the Math faculty) are going to be showcasing our use of MinecraftEdu in our classes at a parent information night next week, and having a student engaged, learning and able to articulate their learning for the demonstration will go a long way (hopefully) in getting me a bit more flexibility to bring MinecraftEdu back into my classes a bit more and also bring some more students into the school.

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