Monday, 23 February 2015

Probability Map Complete.

The map is complete (I think). The mystery sheep probability portion of the map is now done and I think it will work wonderfully. I did, in the end, display all the possibilities of the sheep breeding, despite the large amount of wall space required as I felt that only showing those that are different may sway the students choice when it comes to choosing the sheep colour for their experiments.

 The walls displaying all the possible breeding outcomes (before I went through and got it right apparently).

The area complete (although I may have 'culled' the sheep after this screenshot).

So the plan is to start with the dispenser trial, complete this twice and record the data in the Google doc. Then we will reflect on our results have a discussion and then complete the two random number trials, again recording this data on the Google doc. Then we will compare these two sets of data to determine whether the rumour that dispensers favour a particular slot are true or not.

From there we will go to the Jeb sheep mystery, where the students will have to choose the colour of the sheep they are going to breed with the Jeb sheep to try and determine the true colour of the Jeb sheep. I imagine most students will only take 1-3 breeds to work out the colour of the Jeb sheep, between each breed the students will need to reflect on their choice of colour, record the result, try to infer the colour and then describe the probability they are correct in their guess.

Once they are certain of their guess I will give them some shears to shear the Jeb sheep to determine whether they were correct or not, and then write more reflection on this. From there they will be teleported to the 'free build' area for creating their own probability experiment in Minecraft, describing the theoretical probability, performing the experiment and comparing the theoretical and experimental probabilities and writing a reflection on this.

Then of course if there is time left, or if they cannot figure a probability experiment to design (it may be quite hard for them depending on their Minecraft experience) they will be able to head through the qCraft portal back to Mathlandia and enjoy some time gaining ownership of their land, gather some resources and think about the reward they would like for completing the probability map. Enough blabbering for now, next step, sharing the map to the world share site and running the class on Thursday. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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