Monday, 3 July 2017

Factorio Day 1

So, in about an hour my first Factorio workshop begins. I have the nervous, excited energy I always get when starting something completely new and untested by me. Today is all about learning the game, how the controls works, the basics. Later in the afternoon we will hopefully begin our large group factory, once they have the basic knowledge of gameplay.

I have tested the connections to the server and made sure the machines are all launching Factorio, which is about the extent of testing I can do. The rest will depend on the students and how they move through the game and work together in the group build.

We will be looking at the most efficient ways to automate some of the early game content and build our factory within the game today, and we may even get into google spreadsheets to do some collaborative planning around the efficient use of resources.

For the group factory, I am going to have students in groups; miners, builders, defenders and researchers; to start with at least. They may swap, change and create new groups based on needs as they arise.

I will likely do a brain dump in another few hours after the session, but a quick update for now. Thanks for reading.

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