Thursday, 29 March 2018

Workaround for Custom Skins

I have not been this excited in a fair while, I just need to share a great success I had earlier today. I have managed to figure a way to get custom skins for students in Minecraft Education Edition. Which means that teachers can collate a 'skin pack' for the class (or classes) and students will be able to choose these skins in game.

Check out my very excited 'tutorial' that doesn't really show you how to do it properly here.

I will record a 'proper' tutorial showing the steps to take the skin pack available in the video description and make it your own. It is simple, but likely to be time consuming, so don't let students change their skin every week. Or if you do, you may want to keep file names consistent between changes.... hmmmm.... more info for the tutorial.

Thanks for reading. Comments are welcomed as always.

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