Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Cell Continues to Grow.

After spending many more hours working on the 3D cell it is slowly coming together. I have finished off the nucleus and ER into 3d shapes, started on the walkway students will use. But there is still a massive amount of work to do. It is because of the amount of work and time going into this project that I am thinking I will not build a plant cell beside it.

My year 11 Biology students can build it for me once they have walked through mine. This way they get to show their understanding of the similarities and differences between a plant and animal cell, and also work as a team. Walking through mine also gives them the opportunity to see how the 3D tour map works, which I think was a stumbling block when I tried to get my year 9s to tackle one last year. Of course the massive bonus, for me at least, is one of many hands make light work. So instead of me spending weeks creating, we can get it done in a much shorter time.

I have been uploading the build process to youtube, but this does not seem very popular, so I will finish uploading the footage I have, and not worry about recording and publishing the rest. If you really want to see the build footage let me know in the comments and I will continue to record.

Here are the most recent screenshots.

 The ER about halfway done.
 The other side once the ER was completed.
 Inside the ER.
The overall picture.

I think it is coming along nicely. Lighting is definitely going to be an issue though, random torches all over is not the look I am going for, so I might need to work on mood lighting and hiding the lights a little bit. As always any thoughts or feedback are welcomed in the comments.

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