Friday, 27 January 2012

Redstone Is Testing.

I have just spent the last hour or two working on a combination lock in Minecraft. The principle is sound, my idea works, it is just the darn redstone update glitches that are so common in multiplayer Minecraft that are causing me issues. So if I end up doing single player 'adventure' maps to teach the students things I have the perfect combination lock, or numerical answer question, or anything else that is order specific in terms of input. I will probably record a tutorial on it anyway as I think it is a cool idea. I have not worked on the cell since my last update so nothing interesting there. So I guess that just leaves screenshots of the combination lock. Enjoy.

 The 'interface' with the numbers 0-9 as buttons, and a reset button.
 The wiring heading towards the back, what a mess of redstone it is.
The whole build, at this stage anyway. While I was writing this post I remembered I need to add each incorrect digit to the reset line. And I have just had even more thoughts about what happens if they choose the correct first digit, then one of the correct digits for the second, but not the second. Hmmmmm, much more wiring to be done before it is a full working project. Better get back to it then. Thanks for taking the time to read.


I have spent a little more time messing around and I think I have it fully working, except for the glitches. All the incorrect numbers reset the system, also the 'correct' numbers in the incorrect order will reset the system too. Here are the updated screenshots, notice the added lines on the red wool in front of the pistons, that is the reset line. I think it works pretty well.
The new and improved whole build.
 Now when the piston is retracted the signal sent down the wire will reset the system. But if you have the sequence correct, the piston will be pushed out and the signal will trigger the next piston in line.

I am sure this could be neatened up considerably, and made much smaller, a project for another time though.


  1. Awesome stuff you're creating. Do you have the kids making similar kinds of things? My students are loving the build processes and sharing their creations (almost done our scale models of ancient Greek structures for social studies and math).

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The students at my school are still learning how to play the game, craft and survive. I am hoping once that is all out of the way I can get some of them interested in the 'electrical' side of Minecraft, but I think they need a reason, if I showed them this and said it is a password lock for their door, or to a secret passage I might get them interested.

      Where are your students sharing their creations, would love to have a look.