Monday, 22 October 2012


Great news, MinecraftEdu is finally getting its own momentum, and by that I mean a project is beginning that I did not start. I had a couple of students approach me on Friday requesting access to a MinecraftEdu server to create a 'game' for an assessment piece in Music. So I sat with them, discussed their plan, shared some ideas and now I need to update all our MinecraftEdu computers to the latest pre-release so that all computers are at the same software version.

This means that these students have come up with a way to produce their assessment item in the virtual world, approached their classroom teacher for permission and received it, and then approached me to get the server running. BRILLIANT!! This is exactly what I want, students driving the creativity available in MinecraftEdu to other teachers, showing them the possibilities as part of their normal assessment which will hopefully allow the other teachers to see how powerful this is as an engagement tool, but also how it can be used by students to create learning tasks for others.

Having just discussed with the teacher involved how excited I am by this project and what it means for MinecraftEdu in our school I would like to share a quote.

"I could tell Student A just was not motivated by the task, until he and his partner decided they could probably do it in MinecraftEdu."


I will share more details of the project as it progresses. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below.

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