Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Interesting Part 2.

After receiving the tidbit of feedback and quote from a student yesterday I felt much better heading into class today, and much more comfortable that I would be able to stay in my role a bit easier.

I have got to say, taking the time to be able to sit back and play my role, perhaps because the students mostly understood the task by now, and the issues with teleport blocks were addressed, was great. Being able to wander around the room, providing support and listening to conversations instead of having students try to get me to tell them the answer was a refreshing change.

So the students by the end of the lesson (due to the fact that we miss our lesson on Thursday to sporting commitments) were to finish their research, so 5 minutes prior to the end of the lesson, all researchers were required to 'sign' their journal. Which in the world if MinecraftEdu means that the book is no longer able to be edited and then place their research journal in the research archive back at the initial underground bunker.

I am unsure whether this was a great idea, however the initial brief did say that we only had a week to complete our research and I do not want to drag it on too much more. So from here I need to collate their research (which is my role as the 'leader' of the research team) and then we will discuss our findings to try to produce a final report to the Minecraft public on Friday. Fingers crossed we can get all the learning outcomes I want.

As always thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Footage of the lesson will be uploaded to Youtube soon, so keep an eye on my channel if interested.

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