Thursday, 13 June 2013

Economy Update.

I have been working at least a couple of hours every night getting this new economy sorted. A couple of days ago I am pretty sure I finalised my basic economy in my spreadsheet, with basic groupings for items and also with thoughts heading towards 'restricting' the students ability to craft their own items. So for example there is no way (I hope) for students to get cobble stone. My reasoning here is I want 'openings' for student run businesses in the game.

So I am hoping a student will put in a request to run a quarry business, and supply the 'town' with cobble stone at a profit to themselves. But of course who knows how it is going to play out in the end. I have taken some screenshots of what I have built in game so far, I have only modified 3 of the villagers with custom trades and names.

Instead of spreading the 'town' out, the starting location is just one highrise building, it currently has 15 floors, but at this stage I will probably only use 6 or 7. The ground floor is the lobby of course, 1st floor is the market for the students to buy things. 2nd floor is for them to sell items, 3rd is the bank, 4th is the 'gym' (because all good hotels have a gym and pool :D) and the 5th floor is access to the residential areas (the hotel section).

I want the students to build their own houses, but to start they are going to have to 'rent' a room in the hotel until they have drawn up their plans and applied for their loan. I am also going to offer to build student houses (for a fee of course), even of their own design, as they are going to be able to practice building their own house to help calculate the cost and I can worldedit them in to the town. There is just so much scope for opportunity here if I can only get everything built and ready to go before needing it.

Enough blabbering, here are the screenshots.

The front door of the building, with an automatic door.

The ground floor elevators.

The wood section of the 1st floor market.

The food section of the 1st floor market.

 The elevator back to the ground floor.

Thanks for reading, as always I welcome feedback and thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey Elfie,

    I will post a link to the video I am working on soon. It is the "downtown" area the students worked on this past week. I am thinking this will be the central point for the economy of the map.