Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New Learnings!

I have been exploring the custom NPC's and a little bit of industrial craft trying to sort out how I can set up the trading system for my year 10 maths project. The other night, while I was supposed to be doing 'other' things I started messing around with NBT edit and normal villagers and WOW!

The idea first came to me after watching some youtube videos, where a couple of people were playing a custom adventure map and the villagers in this map had custom trades. So I had a play with the NBT tags on villagers. The NBT tags allow me to make custom trades, giving a heap more options for trading then either the custom NPC's or industrial craft can provide.

The main advantage comes from the ability to have 1 or 2 'selling' items for 1 buying option. Whereas I am pretty sure both custom NPC's and the industrial craft trade'o'mats have 1 for 1. The main disadvantage was that the villagers would generate new trades that I did not want them to.

However after a bit of googling on villager trading mechanics I have found a remedy for this issue. Villagers only generate new trades if the 'last' trade, all the way to the right is used. So if the last trade never gets traded, or is impossible to trade, no new trades will be generated. So I am pretty sure I will be using the standard villagers for trading, and the custom NPC's for dialogue.

Oh and on a side note, you can name normal villagers, choose their profession and even make them invulnerable. So I need to get designing my economy, the prices for items based on the coins from MystCraft. I am basing my calculations off a full economy and price guide I found on the Minecraft forums, here is the link to the post http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1237888-working-outline-for-a-balanced-server-economy-v10/ and I will upload my spreadsheet when it is complete for anyone to use if they would like.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below, and one day soon I am going to record some more tutorials explaining all of the neat new features we now have access to in MinecraftEdu.


  1. Hey Elfie,

    I'd be very interested in how you work this out.

    I have been playing with the CustomNPCs and the trade system, but I wasn't clear about what you meant about, "The main advantage comes from the ability to have 1 or 2 'selling' items for 1 buying option."

    Could you clarify that? The economy I would be using would not be as sophisticated, but who knows.

    As always, willing to help if I can.

  2. Hey Elfie,

    As I am reading the linked article...are you planning to use a single coin type? or multiple coin types? If you are going to use multiple coin types, will you have some sort of automated (NPC) bank/exchange?

    I am thnking in terms of CustomNPC but going off the article example...you could set it up so that students could exchange multiples of the smaller coin for the next level up..or vice versa...exchange a single higher coin for multiple lower ones.

    Just thinking ideas as I read...sorry if I am rambling.

    1. Keep the thoughts flowing Shane, I am not using the Custom NPC mod for the trading NPC's, I am using normal Minecraft villagers that I am tweaking, and what this means I can make something that the students purchase worth 2 stone coins and 5 wood coins. Which I think will give me more flexibility in the long run, but who knows :D

      As for the trading of coins, yes I will probably use the Custom NPC's for that, as that is just a trade like 10 wood coins for 1 stone coin and I think it will be easier to have that set in the Custom NPC's.

  3. Hey Elfie,

    I made this vid, check it out it gives more of a visual for what i was trying to explain.


    1. Just made a video response, does not sound as cool as yours, but it does the job.



  4. Hi Elfie, have you worked with Minecraftedu using the industrialcraft mod?
    if yes, could you give me the right version you used. I have minecraftedu 1.6.4 b14 and I've tried many .zip files for industrialcraft mod unsuccessfully.

    1. Hi Adriana, I have, but it was a long time ago, the best place to ask (and person) is on the google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/minecraft-teachers and see if you can find Maize's thread on mods.