Friday, 16 December 2011

Classes are Over.

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I probably should. This is going to be a very quick and mostly boring post.

Why is it that students like to create something, but then are desperate for me to turn fire and TNT on so that they can destroy it at the end? I enjoy the destruction TNT can cause as much as the next person who plays Minecraft, but a friend and I spent hours upon hours creating a 65X65 sandstone pyramid, in survival, not using the /give command and I could not imagine destroying that work. So why after spending a couple of hours creating do they need to destroy too?

I guess I will never understand. I have been super busy creating the timetable for my school ready for the new year so there have been no new videos (or posts), but now that the timetable is almost sorted, hopefully next week I will be able to find the time to record some new tutorials on redstone and also on how to get my 21 question map ready for use with students. If you can think of anything else you would like to see a tutorial on let me know.

Aleksi has been working on squashing bugs and getting another release ready, follow him on twitter (@kulttuuri) for more regular updates than I provide but the one bug that he has fixed that I am super excited about is the minecart/boat bug which made them unusable in multiplayer. So now for some epic rollercoasters for students to ride. He has also worked on a new feature called 'spectator mode' which makes you invisible and doubles your movement speed, sometimes I think the stuff he does is more like magic than programming.

Well there is a post that is all over the place, but at least you know where I am at now, and where I am headed next.

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