Friday, 2 December 2011

Where am I?

Just a quick post to update everyone on what is happening. I am in the middle of writing end of year reports for all of my students, so time for Minecraft has been overruled by reports. I have however been in contact with the writer of this blog, another teacher using MinecraftEdu to teach students. He has mentioned that he doesn't fully understand redstone and how it can be used to get student responses.

He also asked for a copy of my 21 question map to see if he could work it out, so that has been sent off, if anyone else would like to see it just leave a comment and we will go from there. I am also hoping that Andre and I can get together on the school server and I can run him through how the circuitry works.

But while there are plenty of tutorial videos on youtube about how to use redstone, I am planning to do a tutorial on how to use redstone in a classroom context, so keep your eyes here or my youtube channel if you are interested in that.

The big shame of all the end of the year coming up is that all of my classes end in a week or 2, which means I have plenty of time to generate maps that I can use next year over the holidays, but will not be able to test them on students until classes start back next year.

That is pretty much it for now, more updates to come soon if I can get my reports out of the way.


  1. I would love to see your 21 question map, if you can share it with me. Thanks.

  2. Bob, I am happy to give you a copy, it is slightly incomplete, so not ready for use in the classroom, but the basics are there. There are no questions and there is a 'door' into each room for last minute checking and fixing things when I accidentally break them while adjusting answers.

    I am working on an easier way to get questions into the info boxes, I am thinking an excel spreadsheet with some fancy 'stuff' or an access database. Leaning towards Excel as that is more OS transferable than access.

    Attached to an email I am just about to send. Or if you don't have an edu server to play on I can load it up on the school server and give you a 'guided tour'