Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mathandia Quest 3 is READY!

OK after some intensive building and writing dialogue I have finally finished Quest 3 which is based around students calculating surface area and volumes and then using these figures to cost a job of painting either a house or a set of sculptures.

This is the first time I am giving students choice as to which 'quest' they do, they call on the same basic principles of Mathematics that we are covering in classes at the moment, and I think they are at similar levels of complexity and overall work required to complete them.

I was thinking after my last post that it has been a while since I have shown what I have built in Mathlandia, I will be doing a video tour of quest 2 and 3 'soon' but I thought I would show some screenshots of what quest 3 is all about.

The artists building where students begin their quest.

The actual text telling them to head to the artist for the new quest. (Did you know that the MinecraftEdu information blocks not have inline editing? No, well it is AMAZING!)

This is Ringo the artist, he rewards the students for completing the quest, as well as setting them on the path to the costing area.

I am trying to make the quest areas different to the 'normal' Minecraft world, in prior quests the sky has been a different colour as well. (I haven't figured out how to do that in the new version MystCraft yet)

This is Rick, he is the NPC that allows the students to choose to go to the house or the gallery to complete the quest.

The overall view of the house.

The main hall

Dining room.



Master bedroom.

Pool out the back where students will need to calculate the volume and how much it would cost to fill it with water.


For the house students need to paint the walls and the roof in each room. There are different costs for the wall paint and roof paint, as well as an added complication of waterproof paint being required (and costing more) for the kitchen and bathroom. There is a total of 11 rooms and the pool to cost out for the quest.

The first sculpture I built in the gallery, and perhaps the oddest.

I called this sculpture "The Frog" because after I built it it kinda looked like one. Then I figured I probably had to name all the sculptures.

An overview of some of the other sculptures.

The volume sculpture where students need to calculate the volume of the shape and how much it would cost to fill with water. There are a total of 13 sculptures and the above volume calculation to complete the test.

My attempt at an attractive instruction sheet with what I hope are minimalistic yet clear instructions that the students will read and refer to while completing their chosen task. I plan on printing these in colour, back to back and laminating them.

As mentioned above, I hope that I have kept the two quests at a similar work level and similar effort however I think that the sculptures are much more involved to work out the surface area while the calculations are simpler. Whereas the house may be easier to work out the surface area (may be) but there is a bit more thinking required and an extra step in the calculations.

That is it for now, this will run with the first class in about 12 hours, so expect another post soon detailing any wins and any issues that occurred throughout the quest. As always thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

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