Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Quest 3 Attempt 1

OK time to brain dump again, quest 3 was run with the first class today.

The positives.

It never ceases to amaze me how involved the students can get when doing activities in Minecraft. There was no complaining, the vast majority of students were on task, those that were not, were not on task due to their low literacy level and their inability to read the instructions not because they did not want to get involved. Options to fix this: 1) go straight to those students after everyone has started and get them started. 2) record some audio of the instructions, put them on the web or local network and link to them in-game. I did read through and explain what the task was for the students to complete prior to starting, and I thought this would have negated this issue, however it did not seem to, but it may have got those students who were borderline in terms of their literacy skill on task easier.

I did not stay for the entire 90 minutes of the lesson, so I am not sure how it ended. However the initial stages went a lot smoother and students were completing the tasks much quicker than quest 2. Having the printed sheet with instructions and screenshots of how their cost book should look was very helpful. I only had a couple of students ask for direction, and I straight away referred them back to the sheet and they seemed to self manage the issue they were having.

The not so great. (that's right singular :D)

The tasks were way too long, the amount of time required to complete either of those tasks would probably take much more than the 70 or so minutes I wanted it to take. I will not alter this before I run it a second time tomorrow, as I would like to see how far my own class gets through before I begin to think of alterations.

That is all I have for now, compared to the previous quest there is a lot less here, however I am sure I will have more reflections after it is run with my class tomorrow. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below.


  1. My daughter who is 9 struggles with reading, and trying to get her to practice is like pulling teeth.
    Unless she needs to know how to do something on Minecraft.
    Then it's over to Minecraftwiki to research and read your little butt off:-)
    PC from twitter

    1. It is an amazing motivational tool for the youth of today. Thanks for your comment, just reaffirms the power of Minecraft in education.