Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mathlandia Quest 2 Revisited

Today was the second run of the quest on perimeter and area in Mathlandia. The alterations I made last night almost fixed the issues with students getting inventories cleared when they should not have. It did cause a bottle neck, and some other issues, however, overall, today went better than yesterday.

New issues to address
  • Need more 'copies' of the NPC giving out the quest.
  • Need a better way of ensuring that only 1 student can see the NPC at a time (nearly there)
Old issues still to address
As you can probably tell I am still very frustrated by students not reading the instructions. On reflection today was better than yesterday in this respect, and I probably had at least half of my students reading them properly, but there were still some students that did not, and hence were unable to get their reward for completing the quest. Now what to do here, give them the reward myself? 

I tried making them go back and talk to the quest givers, but for some reason the quest 'tree' has been broken for them (it may have been an issue early on in the lesson with students accessing the NPC's in groups larger than one but I am not entirely sure so it could be my fault) Should I give them the reward, or 'punish' them and not give them the reward as they did not fully read the instructions? Your thoughts would be welcomed on this.

Now to start building the next quests, quest 3 and 4 should be done and dusted within the next month, so hopefully things on my blog will get more interesting. As always thanks for taking the time to read, and if you have any suggestions on getting students to read instructions please leave them in the comments below.