Thursday, 18 July 2013

Feedback From a Student.

Every Wednesday at my school, and in the whole area that my school is in, is VET day, which means that those students who are attending TAFE one day a week, do so on a Wednesday. The impact on my year 10 PreCAL class is large. I go from 20 or so students to around 8. A couple of those 8 missed the first lesson on Monday, so I sat with them and explained what the overall plan was.

I had my concerns about one students reaction, who I know is not a gamer, to the point where he said that my Minecraft avatar on Edmodo was 'gay'. But he surprised me, and it will be extremely interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out, his response was something along the lines of.

"Wow, you are using like 4 tools, to make this really interesting aren't you?"

Now to have a response like that from this particular student is a big thing, and I really appreciate that he is willing to give it a go. Another interesting thing that happened yesterday was that students were already thinking of businesses they wanted to run in the game, one being a nightclub (which I was told I could get into for free :D), another was a zoo, both of these ideas came from the one student but I think he is going to go with the nightclub.

Tomorrow we begin the discussions about the houses we want to build, we will talk about a rough cost for them and then hopefully next week the students can begin to build them in a creative world, costing as they go, ready for me to import into the real world when they have the money in game.

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