Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Passwords, How Hard Are They to Remember??

Seriously. Students made accounts and chose their own passwords just yesterday, perhaps 27 hours previous and they already forgot their passwords??? Not all of course, but some had. Now with Edmodo that is fine because I can change their password for them, for the Google account this is not so easy.

On the bright side most of the students managed to get into their Drive folder, open up their budget and share that with me. So now I have access to about 15 of my students budgets online, any time. This is great! I have also added that to Edmodo as an assignment, so that I can keep track of who has done it, and who has not. (Even I am learning along the way)

The next task for today was to start looking at floor plans, find one that they wanted and save it to their computer somehow. Then comes the real fun bit where we can begin talking about about what is a realistic house that the students can afford to build/buy with their wages. The important thing for the start of this task is that students look at floor plans, how they are drawn, what they look like, and then we can start making our own to certain specifications and costing along the way. Then flip it into a perspective drawing and finally build it in a creative world in Minecraft to double check the cost.

Then students will have something to aim for when it comes to their application for a loan after 2 weeks worth of wages. I am really enjoying the beginning of this project despite pulling my hair out with the set up of the backend sharing and accounts. I am hoping that the hard yards are over now and we can get into the real fun Maths plan I have for the remainder of the year.

Just a quick update, thanks for reading.

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