Wednesday, 10 July 2013


It has been a while since my last update so I figured it was time to write an update on the animal cell and the new Pre-CAL maths world. First of all I think I need to thank Shane (find him on the google group if you would like), he has also been on a break from school and has been helping me a lot on the Maths world. Mostly with the design of the residential floors and also the NPC's and design of the residential lobby.

The rest of this post will mostly be screenshots showing the in-game look so far, but I will say prior to that that the trading floors are coming along quite nicely, the first floor, or the non-bulk purchase floor, is complete, all the villagers are in and modified to be trading. The second floor, the bulk purchase floor, is still being worked on in terms of the villagers and their trades. The third, selling floor, is not even begun in terms of the villagers. The fourth floor, the bank is almost set up, I still need to tweak the NPC's on that floor with dialogue. The fifth floor, the residential lobby is amazing (thanks to Shane again) that is complete with design and NPC's.

The sixth and seventh floors, the first of the residential floors, and the cheapest to rent, are complete as is the fifteenth floor which is the penthouse, and most expensive to rent.

Now to the animal cell, the machinery for DNA-mRNA-Protein is complete, I am still waiting on a test subject, either my wife or some students when we get back to school to check the timing and make sure it copes with the possible speed, and that the mRNA does not travel too fast for the ribosome student to put in the amino acid.

Enough blabbering, onto the screenshots.

The non-bulk sales floor.
The bank lobby
The teller line.
The residential lobby
The hotel restaurant.
The cheap rooms.
 The penthouse dining room
 The penthouse balcony and pool.
 An update on the front of the building.
 The machinery to convert DNA to RNA
 The 20 amino acids selection panel
 The start of a polypeptide chain.
 The rest of the polypeptide chain.

Thanks for reading, more updates to come, and keep an eye on my youtube channel for video updates soon.

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