Friday, 25 November 2011

Another Trial.

Well I ran another class of MinecraftEdu yesterday. This time with my year 7 class. I made up a quick tutorial sheet and started a new world and creatively placed stone and coal around the spawn area, as in creative mode, not artistically. Then I let the mayhem begin.

Again the kids were very excited and had a great time. The tutorial sheet was basic movement and basic crafting. Not all of the kids bothered to read the sheet, but after a heap of prompting most did and followed the instructions.

One girl when we started the class said "but I dont know how to play" and by the end when I asked her for some feedback on the tutorial sheet she said it was fine. I suggested a more structured tutorial world and she thought that would probably make it much easier to follow, so I will be creating one of them in the near future.

So now back into map making, particularly my question map, damn you Notch for releasing Minecraft 1.0.0, as I have been playing rather than mapping. I will hopefully have the map created for Tuesdays lesson with both the year 9 class and also for the year 7 class.

I am also thinking on getting the kids to create some maps by working together, these would be like 3D tour maps of what we are learning about, but I may need to give them an example first.

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