Friday, 25 November 2011


I have uploaded my first tutorial about MinecraftEdu to youtube, you can find it here if you are interested. This one just shows you how to install MinecraftEdu on a mac, but gives you some hints for installing on windows as it is very similar. I am in the process of recording more tutorials so keep checking back if you are interested.

And also a second one on how to start a server using the MinecraftEdu Launcher.

There are also 2 others, but I am not going to embed them here as the video is not the best quality. Feel free to watch them and give me some feedback, I am hoping to re-record them once I work out what caused the dodgy quality.


  1. Great tutorials! I would look into using ScreenFlow for OSX instead of Snapz. That's what I use for all my Minecraft videos. I used Snapz and had the same choppiness until I switched.


  2. Thanks Joel, I will have a look at ScreenFlow, but I also think I have worked out what was causing the stuttering. I will not record in full screen anymore, and also since the school server is up and running again I wont need to host a server and run the game on the same machine.