Saturday, 12 November 2011

Map 1 Done!!

Well after about 3-4hours of map making last night in creative mode, I have managed to get the first of the two maps I wanted done. This is the 'build a 3D model' map. Instead of two groups I decided it was not too much extra effort to have four, just in case the kids wanted to work in smaller groups. The next thing I need to think about before Tuesday morning is how much time do I give them to complete their construction? I have a feeling I will just have to play it by ear and have the second world hosted on another server so if they have finished their build, they can log out of that server and into the other one.

I had a play around with my ideas for redstone wiring yesterday as well, that is going to be a fair bit trickier than I thought, at this stage I can only get the door to open if the students get 100% correct, while this is workable, it is not really ideal, one suggestion from a colleague was to do it manually for each student. Basically this would be a large amount of work for me, but it is possible. I would need to be flying around all the 'rooms' and have a redstone torch light up when the students get the right answer, and when they get a certain number right I can manually open the door.

I learned a fair bit last night while creating a map, I found that my thoughts regarding the 'build allow' and 'build disallow' blocks was wrong, they only seem to impact the map up from where they are placed, not the entire vertical scope of that block. So I will need to alter that in my tutorial map.

Here are some screenshots of the map I have created, I will upload some shots of the finished builds too.
This first one is the overall picture, you can see the 4 'build' areas as the 4 big green platforms.

This one is the start location, from here the students can choose which platform to head to, but cannot go until a lever is pulled once all students are ready.

I was also having some thoughts as to how I teach the students the basics of the game, do I just throw them in the deep end, or do I open up a free build world and spend 10-15mins teaching them in game? Your thoughts are more than welcome.

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