Sunday, 13 November 2011

Update on Map 2.

Just thought that I should update everyone on my progress so far on the 20 questions map I am creating. I have absolutely no hope of having it ready by Tuesday to use with my students. I will give you an idea of what it is I am trying to build.

First off the students all spawn in a room with 4 halls leading off it. Each of these halls has 5 other corridors leading off in different directions. Once a student goes down one of these corridors it is sealed off so that no other student can go down the same path. I am hoping this ensures that students are on their own.

The plan is that in the first room the students come across has 1 question that they must get correct to move on. I have built 3 of these rooms, so only 17 to go for the first stage. In the second room for each student there will be 2 questions that they must get correct to open the door. Third room, 3 questions and so on, up till 6 rooms and 6 questions, this totals to 21, not 20 as I was originally planning.

Also I have not figured out a way to open the door when the students get a certain percentage correct, if anybody out there reading this can think of a way to make this work, let me know.

The wiring is quite simple, but very time consuming, my biggest problem at the moment is my own design. It is a bit haphazard at the moment, the rooms are all different, and it is tricky to keep building as they are all very close together.

I am wondering whether to begin again and make the rooms linear instead of branching. So there would be 4 or 5 levels each with 5 corridors, again that get sealed off to prevent multiple students from entering. This would fix two of my problems, the messiness of my current build and getting all of the students to roughly the same area after they have answered their questions as I would like to allow the students some free build time to create a 'town' or some such, and then we could change the questions and keep working on it throughout the rest of the year.

More screenshots in case you were interested.
 The total build at the moment, you can see how much of a rabbit warren it is becoming.

This is one of the rooms, the students must pull the correct lever for the door to open, and pulling all of the levers will result in nothing.


  1. .... I want to go back to school again. This seems like a great use of minecraft other than stealing hours upon hours of gamers lives.

  2. Thanks Ray, I hope the students feel the same way when we start using it.