Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I have been in contact with the staff that had my Minecraft class today. I decided to run the survival world with limited resources with the kids while I was not there and see how it went. The response from both staff members was really positive, one said it was awesome, the other said that all were on task, and that 100% were on Minecraft. So really excited I went to Maccas and used the free wifi to get access to the server via remote desktop, saved the world and then uploaded it to dropbox. Then I tried to download it to my computer, the wifi was so slow that it was going to take avout 3 hours to download 12mb. So I gave up on that and downloaded it using the 3G on my iPad, then transferred it from the dropbox app to my goodreader app and then transferred it to my laptop via file transfer, instead of 3 hours it took around 5 minutes. This was after wasting around 30 minutes trying to get it down on my laptop. What did I learn from this, I need a phone that I can tether my laptop to. But I am getting well of track. So I loaded up the world into MinecraftEdu and was really excited to see what the kids had done during the hour and a half they had to play in there. I almost laughed out loud when I saw what had happened. Because this was a full survival map, just with border blocks around an area that I wanted the kids to stay in I expected to see some structures in this area, there was none, very little sign of activity at all. So I changed into creative mode to have a fly around and see what I could see. The kids had escaped my confinement, I am guessing that they discovered by accident how to get rid of the border blocks, and then all decided to get in on the act and away they went. By this point I think I was chuckling to myself. The more I reflect on what has happened the more I realise that my two goals for the lesson were most likely still met. All I really wanted was for the kids to invest time in the game so that they would want to play in future, and at the same time build some team work in. I feel that they probably did collaborate on the escape, and those that didnt know the game prior very well, would most likely have a much greater understanding from those that did. And I am guessing since the teacher that had them for the second half of the double said they were all still involved and playing that they were invested in the game and having a good time. So was it a resounding success, I am not sure, was it a success, I honestly believe it was. I have already emailed the devs and explained what happened, and they will fix it in the next release, so no more escaping kids. Damn creepers!!!! Now it is time to get back to making my quiz map, I need it ready by Tuesday, so I am really on a limited time now. I will upload screenshots when I get back into the land of fast wifi access that I dont have to pay through the nose for, Seriously who would pay $5 for 30mins or 10mb. Certainly not me.

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