Thursday, 17 November 2011

Progress has been made!!!!

Well after spending almost 2 hours with the technician today, we finally have the school server accessible from the outside world, so I will not have to worry about taking a copy of the world home each night if I want to work on it.

We have also made progress on the graphical glitches we were having on the school computers, it was a graphics driver issue, updated to the latest drivers on one computer to test, and works perfectly now, no flickering and the text is readable, glass is clear and redstone is not black anymore. So if anybody is having these graphics glitches I highly recommend an upgrade to the latest graphics drivers. All that is needed now is for the technician to do a room wide install of the updated graphics drivers and we will be all set.

The progress on the map is slow, but steady. I have finished 15 of the 25 second rooms. I have also been in contact with the developers about an easier way to put the questions into the rooms, and I think we are close to an easier solution than walking down 25 paths doing each individually. Unfortunately anybody using this map will have to walk down 25 paths and adjust the redstone wiring so that it points to the correct answer, I cannot think of any way around this, but it shouldn't take too long once you know what you are doing.

I am still waiting on licenses for the kids to use, hopefully I will have them by next Tuesday morning for a run with my year 9 Science class.

Screenshots again, since no-one has said they don't like them, I will keep adding them for a while.
This is the improved starting room, I showed someone today and they said it looks like a school and I should try and build a basketball ring. Thoughts?
 The side of the first two rooms showing the redstone wiring.
The back of the build, as you can see there are 15 rooms done, 10 to go for the second stage, then onto the third rooms with 3 questions in each.

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