Sunday, 27 November 2011

Finally Finished!!! (almost)

Hi all, yet another update on the 21 question map. It is done!!! Almost, I have now thought it would be pretty cool to build a rollercoaster on the end for the kids to ride once they have finished the questions, and then at the end of the rollercoaster there would be a sign with the port for the free build world.

But I think that will have to wait until I see how it actually goes with students on Tuesday. I am planning on using it with 2 classes, my year 7 Science and year 9 Science classes. All I need to do now is write the questions into my modified infolocations.ini file and it will be right to go. I have hit a snag there though. Whenever an information box is 'saved' in game, it undoes all of my formatting and ordering. Quite problematic as I built a 'Staff Only' room where teachers could format the questions the way they wanted, save them and then these would show up at the top of the infolocations.ini file and they could be copy-pasted into the students boxes. I would of course need to record a how-to video on this process, but it is a pretty basic idea.

If this can not be worked around, (I emailed the devs to ask), I will probably have to build a separate teacher world where they can edit and format questions. This would not be as daunting as sifting through the 1575 lines of information boxes, it would only be 75, then they could open the 2 infolocations files side by side and copy-paste that way.

Now for some more screenshots of the complete build, minus the rollercoaster.
 This is just showing the staff only door, this is off the spawn area. Teachers would just need to give themselves a lever, or fly over the wall to get into the room.
 Down the bottom of this picture is the starting location as seen in previous posts, with the entire build fading off into the distance.
 The side of the first 'half' of the build, i really didn't expect it to be this big, I don't know why.
 This picture picks up where the last one left off and shows the rest of the build. I think I am going to do some calculations of how many of each type of material went in, but that is just too much for my brain right now.
This just shows the length of the 6th and final room with 6 questions in it.

After I have completed my testing with the kids, sorted out the question problems and recorded my how-to video on adding questions and making the correct lever tie to the answer I will put it up for download for those MinecraftEdu teachers out there who would like to give it a go.

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